Weddings & Parties

If you are getting married or planning a party, regardless of the size, L&C can help lessen the drama and stress. Why toast with champagne when your English Sparkling options are award winning, world beating and simply delicious! If someone wants a Sauvignon Blanc, give them a Bacchus, they want Chardonnay, no problem. We have you covered so you don’t have to follow the “norm”. Your guests will appreciate the fact you even thought of English wines, and it’ll be a positive memory they will take away with them.

We can help you choose the right English wines for your wedding or event, with the largest selection available anywhere, we can make sure that you are catered for from the wedding breakfast, the reception, the speeches, or simply the party. We won’t let you down and you’ll sample all of them at no charge in advance to ensure you like them as well.


What Wedding and Party Services does L&C offer?

Small or large, we are here to make sure that your event goes smoothly. Leave the supply of drinks to us so you can focus on the day and your guests. We can supply a full bar, experienced staff, pretty much anything you need, just chat with us and we’ll agree what is best for you. We can advise on food pairings using the expert knowledge of our sommelier and chef who can work in conjunction with you and the caterers.


Are there discounts available?

Yes, all subject to volumes, staffing requirements etc.


Do you supply glasses, ice?

Yes, we can.


Do you buy back unopened products?

If the goods are in the same condition, yes, we do, no quibbles.


How do I plan the quantity of wines I need?

There are basic calculators we can share with you; however, you know your guests better than anyone. We can discuss budgets, quantities, but you will always be secure in that if you over order, or by some freak chance, it doesn’t all get drunk, it can be returned.


What wines should I order?

We can discuss this and offer a whole range, based on budget, knowledge of your guests and ensuring that the English wines on offer pair with the food and your guests taste.


Where areas do you cover?

We can cover the whole of the UK and most of Europe, we are open to discussions.


Can you supply non-alcoholic drinks, spirits, and beers?

L&C can supply the other necessary drinks for your occasion, beers, spirits, non-alcoholic wines and beers and soft drinks, and unlike others, we will be consistent, every drink will be from the United Kingdom.


Call us for a no nonsense, no obligation chat, there’s enough drama in life, let’s make this bit fun. Please email or call 0333 0909017.